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Royal Infotech – The Social Media Marketing Agency To Hire

We at Royal Infotech Solutions help companies – big, small or medium sized to create their online presence through all channels of social media. The focus can be on anything – right from creating a social media account, to your company’s online presence or engaging with the existing social media customers to ensure a higher rate of revenue every month. Creating an effective social media presence that will show tangible results is time consuming. If you want something for the “time-being”, than we are not the one. We are here to create something permanent for you. It can be through an innovative content, viral videos or interesting brand promotion strategies.

Social Media Promotion And Management Include:

• Customized Content Calendar: Our expert content writers will come up with a content calendar regarding the number of articles, blogs, press releases and social media content that needs to be posted on a daily/weekly and monthly basis.

• Innovative Content: run of the mill stuffs no longer sells. We will offer interesting and innovative content that has the potential to go viral any moment now.

• Publishing on Social Media Channels: our experts will not only publish the content on the Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram promotion service as per the designated time but will also bookmark it for better visibility and higher retention value.

• Tracking Comments: we will keep track of the comments so that the Social Media strategy can be improved as per the need of the hour.

• Social Media Advertising: As part of SMO services we also go for Facebook Sponsored Ads service so that your brand gets more visibility and recognition.

We believe in creating a social Media presence that leaves a lasting impression and not something that fades with the passage of time. Give us a call to know more! Dial- +91(0)890-857-1430.

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